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Specialists in finding comprehensive competitive insurance

LONMART specialises in finding comprehensive, competitive insurance coverage 

Fine Art Galleries, Dealers and Auction Houses

At LONMART, we have been arranging bespoke insurance policies for both Galleries and Dealers for many years and our current portfolio includes prominent galleries within the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

The insurance coverage we are able to provide is on an ‘All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage’ basis, with very few restrictions or exclusions.

In addition to the ‘All Risks’ coverage, we are able to include, if required, coverage in respect of Defective Title Claims.

If needed, we can provide Buildings, General Contents, Liability and Business Interruption coverage too.

Fine Art Shippers and Armoured Car Companies

At LONMART, we are specialists in arranging freight insurance for companies that are involved in the packing, transportation and storage of Fine Art, Jewellery, Precious Stones and Luxury Goods.

Freight insurance encompasses the transportation of goods by sea, air, rail and road and we can offer tailored insurance solutions that cover All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage and/or Liability anywhere in the world.

We have a highly experienced team that will be able to respond to your insurance needs, as complex as they may be, in an efficient and timely manner.

Museums and Corporate Collections

Very often, businesses and corporations have within their premises collections of art, which the general buildings and contents insurers are reluctant to insure due to the values involved, and on the rare occasions that they do agree to cover works of art, it is on restricted conditions.

We are able to arrange individual policies to cover such artworks on an annual basis on terms and conditions appropriate to afford the most suitable protection.

Where valued lists of the individual works of art exist, insurance is arranged on an ‘Agreed Value’ basis.

Private Collections and Family Trusts

Whether your art collection consists of paintings or sculptures of any media, we are able to provide you with comprehensive insurance coverage with insurers who specialise in this field and who, together with ourselves, have a complete understanding of your insurance requirements.

Cover is usually arranged on an ‘Agreed Value’ basis thereby ensuring, in the event of loss or damage, that you receive the appropriate payment from insurers.

We can also include coverage on other Objets d’Art and Antique Furniture if required.

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